Free Readability Test

Find out what the reading level is for a website a document you or a student has written.  Simply type in a website or copy and paste content into the Direct Input tab and you will receive results of indicators such as:

Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease – Flesch Kincaid Reading Level – Gunning Fog Score – Coleman Liau Index – Automated Readability Index

This FREE tool can be used by a writer to adjust the reading level to their target audience and by teachers who want to choose readable content on websites for their students.

This is one of the best (and interesting) free tools I’ve seen in a while.  Check it out.

Network Security Update – QuickTime


The Department of Homeland Security has issued an urgent alert telling Windows users to uninstall Apple’s QuickTime program.

The program is old with no new versions or updates released since January.  Apple users are not affected since the program updates on Apple systems.

TrendMicro, a security company, says the program is vulnerable to suspicious activity and stated in a post this is an “Urgent call to action”.

Malakoff ISD has used this program in the past and it has even been a system requirement for some internet based programs to work.  VLC Media Player should be installed on all district computers and will play .MOV files and updates have been released by that company.

If you find you have QuickTime installed on your computer, please uninstall it or ask the technology department for assistance.  There have not been any wide spread events, but with this publicity that may change soon.

How to Cite Social Media




How To Cite Social Media In Scholarly Writing

Open eBooks App Unveiled

Here is some information for Title 1 Schools, Libraries and Special Ed programs.  This is a link to a blog that discusses it.  Down further I have posted the link to the actual website.

This is not a government  program.  It is made possible by the following:

Project Partners

Participating Publishers

Link to blog:

FAQ’s about the Open eBooks Program:

To sign up: