Look what we found! Tip #3 ** Coach’s Eye App

Michael Belew has shown me the COOOOOLest app about a week ago. It’s called Coach’s Eye. It allows the video capturing of sports games, practice (or for me) rehearsals and performances. After you have finished filming, you can play it back with the cable that connects to our projectors with sound and motion. In addition, you can circle, draw lines, point things out, run it back and forward in slow motion, pause and clean up some things instantly!
I have used it once during a rehearsal and played it back to my kids the next day and they were really impressed. It gave them an opportunity to see the improvements that needed to be made. The coaches all have iPads and they could have a couple of coaches on either side of the ball, or from a profile view that they could show in the huddle immediately after the play to make improvements. Our volleyball coaches could film our girls jumping up for the spike or kill and analyze their technique on the fly. It also has some app add ons I would like to try and purchase. The app itself is only 4.99. It is a great buy if you ask me. 
Here is the link to the app preview:
Contributed by: Michael Belew and Chad Bentley

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