Look What We Found! Tip #5 ** Learning Resources

Contributed by Chris Robinson —

I found this a few months ago and thought you might like some of these resources for your blogs page. I have been through all of them and they are all pretty good. You would like them.
Alison online site is a 2007 site created to offer free online courses. The site offers more than 300 courses in ten different groups. Different people from around the world can get certified courses on topics such as human resources, legal studies and project management. The content provided is free of charge except for 20 dollars you are expected to pay when getting a copy of your certificate.
LearnersTV is a site that brings together science animations, publications, videos, audio lectures and online tests. Users can get access to a broad variety of resources from which they can learn. Whether you are looking for in-depth experience or a simple research, the site will provide all the necessary material you need.
Memrise is a site that uses a combination of fun, brain science and community to help users learn. Most of the content is very visual and gamed- based. The visitors can boost their skills in a variety of fields like languages or other topics such as foodstuffs.
Learnthat is a brilliant site where learners can go through tutorials that are associated with technology, business and finance. The site has hundreds of useful videos and articles that enable students to sharpen their skills in digital marketing, management and other subject matters.
Saylor, an online education site was created in 2008. It offers almost 200 free online courses which are majorly centered on the highest enrollment majors in USA. The site also enables learners to take part in discussion forums, print manuscripts and track courses.

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